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Feather Stone (Full Size)

Feather Stone (Full Size) $60.00

The stone is to keep one grounded. The feather represents the Bald Eagle, the carrier of prayers. Some have the Medicine Wheel which represents the circle of life and the four directions. And some have the two circles to remember our Grandparents. Stainless Steel.Every feather is different.Feather is about 17" long


Spyder $900.00

Eight foot diameter

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron $275.00

Each heron is uniquely different. This is one of my more popular pieces. Not only does it look great inside your home, but it also looks great outside; in your garden, by a pond, or at the edge of tall grasses. I've had several real herons approach mine outside. The heron is considered a safe bird and can bring other birds into your area.

Eagle  with Feather  Base

Eagle with Feather Base $200.00

Eagle with Feather Base. Carbon steel

Flaming Redhead

Flaming Redhead $60.00

Grab by the tail feathers and screw directly into your favorite tree. Made of carbon steel, hand-drawn and hand-cut using a oxygen/acetylene torch, which gives each piece rich colors and a unique look. $10 Shipping


Chickadee $50.00

Made of stainless steel for years of enjoyment. $10 Shipping


Grapevine $200.00

3/4" bearings are used to make the grapes, which are all hand made. This will look great in your home. Comes with a wall anchor for sheet rock walls.Every piece is different. Can be made with more grapes.Call and I will custom make one just for you.

North Shore Gnome

North Shore Gnome $175.00

Published in Lake Superior magazine. Makes a beautiful gift, Place in your garden, on your deck, or in the entry of your home. Approx 24" tall.Everyone is different. I also make a Bad Gnome . He has a stein of booze and a jug of Moon shine at his feet . His cap is black

Pet Memorial

Pet Memorial $75.00

Your dogs name . Stainless steel $10 Shipping

Steel Flowers

Steel Flowers $60.00

Always in bloom .